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Step by step installation of the complete (and not lite) sample application for OBIEE 11G.This article was made with the help of the installation documentation of the sample app.You can find the link in the reference / documentation section.Sample App builds must be deployed on RC5 or RC4 Shiphome builds. 54) What happens if you have a backup administration server? You are allowed to have only one administration server. His specialty is large scale and mission critical live production systems and like to work as Dev Ops. Machine 52) When making a TAR backup in UNIX, what is a key point to remember? Make it from the lowest directory possible, as far from root as practical. Make sure that you perform the backup signed on as the owner of the Middleware Home directory. Make sure that you preserve the original owner, group, and permissions. Make sure that all Middleware processes are stopped.If you would like to join admineer community, please send us your articles and researches about administrative engineering and operations.

Plan Generator 35) Name four techniques or tools that can be used to deploy new applications to Oracle Web Logic Server. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to auto shutdown Web Logic managed server when […] Monitoring Certificate Expiry Dates of a JAVA Keystore (. Autodeployment 41) Which of the following is a benefit of multitier cluster architecture? Requires fewer servers compared to the basic architecture 2. Along with the Web-tier clients in the same server 4. Software product development, operation management, design, implementation, integration... Korkutata working as "Application and Infrastructure Architect"...