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Abrar was the first to board the American ship, and once on board he subdued the Americans and cut the communication lines.

However, UNCLOS also recognizes exclusive economic zones (EEZ), which UNCLOS treats as quasi-territorial for economic rights., a published opinion, the Fourth Circuit affirmed the convictions of two Somali pirates for various charges relating to piracy, including the murder of four Americans off the coast of Somalia.Defendants Contended the Court Lacked Jurisdiction and Violated Constitutional Rights On appeal, Abukar Osman Beyle, defendant, contended that the court lacked jurisdiction over the charges related to murder and firearm use because the murder occurred in Somalia’s territorial waters, not on the high seas.High Seas Include EEZs Beyle argued that because UNCLOS does not consider the high seas to start until 200 miles of the coast of nation, the court below did not have jurisdiction because the murders occurred within forty miles of the Somali coast.

The Fourth Circuit disagreed because EEZs allocated economic rights, not other rights.

Both Beyle and Abrar were listed on the ledger for dividing the spoils among the pirates.