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- I have written a new series on N-Layer design as a major follow up to this one. Part one dealt with the design of the application: what business objects do you need to fulfill the requirements of the application. The target audience for this series are developers that are ready to make the switch from using controls with custom business objects. NET 2 and C# is necessary while some knowledge about object oriented design certainly helps.Part two showed you how to code the classes that were designed in part one.You saw how to implement the data access methods and database code and how the various classes were able to work together.Additionally, it can perform tasks like enforcing security and carrying out validation, as you saw in part two of this article series.

Additionally, each BO object has a List counterpart, like and are used to hold collections of the business objects.

To display a list of users in a will be quite plain, with black text on a white background.

Although the ASPX page only needs 11 lines of code, a lot of other code is executed under the hood.

The following figure shows the four main components of the application: .

the formview fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled-65

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They don't have any behavior, and can therefore be considered as "dumb" objects.Each of the other three components of the application has a reference to the objects in the Business Objects layer.

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