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the Cutlet”The League-5x04 “Rafi and Dirty Randy”The League-5x05 “The Bye Week”The League-5x06 “Heavy Petting”The League-5x07 “The Bringer Show”The League-5x08 “Flowers for Taco”The League-5x09 “The Automatic Faucet”The League-5x10 “The Near Death Flex-perience”The League-5x11 “The Credit Card Alert”The League-5x12 “Baby Geoffry Jesus”The League-5x13 “The 8 Defensive Points of Hanukkah”Longmire-1x01 ”Pilot”Longmire-1x02 “The Dark Road”Longmire-1x03 “A Damn Shame”Longmire-1x04 “The Cancer”Longmire-1x05 “Dog Soldier”Longmire-1x06 “The Worst Kind of Hunter”Longmire-1x07 “8 Seconds”Longmire-1x08 “An Incredibly Beautiful Thing”Longmire-1x09 “Dogs, Horses, and Indians”Longmire-1x10 “Unfinished Business”Longmire-2x01 “Unquiet Mind”Longmire-2x02 “Carcasses”Longmire-2x03 “Death Came in Like Thunder”Longmire-2x04 “The Road to Hell”Longmire-2x05 “Party’s Over”Longmire-2x06 “Tell It Slant”Longmire-2x07 “Sound and Fury”Longmire-2x08 “The Great Spirit”Longmire-2x09 “Tuscan Sun”Longmire-2x10 “Election Day”Longmire-2x11 “Natural Order”Longmire-2x12 “A Good Death is Hard to Find”Longmire-2x13 “Bad Medicine”Low Winter Sun-1x01 ”Pilot”Low Winter Sun-1x02 “The Goat Rodeo”Low WInter Sun-1x03 “No Rounds”Major Crimes-1x01 “Reloaded”Major Crimes-1x02 “Before and After”Major Crimes-1x03 “Medical Causes”Major Crimes-1x04 “The Ecstasy and the Agony”Major Crimes-1x05 “Citizens Arrest”Major Crimes-1x06 “Out of Bounds”Major Crimes-1x07 “The Shame Game”Major Crimes-1x08 “Dismissed with Prejudice”Major Crimes-1x09 “Cheaters Never Prosper”Major Crimes-1x10 “Long Shot”Major Crimes-2x01 “Final Cut”Major Crimes-2x02 “False Pretenses”Major Crimes-2x03 ‘Under the Influence”Major Crimes-2x04 “I, Witness”Major Crimes-2x05 “D. A.”Major Crimes-2x06 “Boys Will Be Boys”Major Crimes-2x07 “Rules of Engagement”Major Crimes-2x08 “The Deep End”Major Crimes-2x09 “There’s No Place Like Home”Major Crimes-2x10 “Backfire”Major Crimes-2x11 “Poster Boy”Major Crimes-2x12 “Pick Your Poison”Major Crimes-2x13 “Jialbait”Major Crimes-2x14 “All In”Major Crimes-2x15 “Curve Ball”Major Crimes-2x16 “Risk Assessment”Major Crimes-2x17 “Year End Blowout”Marvel’s Agents of S.

D.-1x05 “The Girl in the Flower Dress”Marvel’s Agents of S. Under The Dome-1x01 ”Pilot”Under The Dome-1x02 “The Fire”Under The Dome-1x03 “Manhunt”Under The Dome-1x04 “Outbreak”Under The Dome-1x05 “Blue on Blue”Under The Dome-1x06 “The Endless Thirst”Under The Dome-1x07 “Imperfect Circles”Under The Dome-1x08 “Thicker Than Water”Under The Dome-1x09 “The Fourth Hand”Under The Dome-1x10 “Let the Games Begin”Under The Dome-1x11 “Speak of the Devil”Under The Dome-1x12 “Exigent Circumstances”Under The Dome-1x13 “Curtains”Veep-2x01 “Midterms”Veep-2x02 “Signals”Veep-2x03 “Hostages”Veep-2x04 “The Vic Allen Dinner”Vice-1x01 “Killer Kids”Vice-1x02 “Bad Borders”Vice-1x03 “Guns & Ammo”Vice-1x04 “Love & Rockets”Vice-1x05 “Winners & Losers”Vice-1x06 “Corruption”Vice-1x07 “Addiction”Vice-1x08 “Fighting Chances”We Are Men-1x01 “Pilot”Web Therapy-1x01 “Click to Start”Web Therapy-1x02 “Desperate Measures”Web Therapy-1x03 “Shrink Rap”Web Therapy-1x04 “Public Relations”Web Therapy-1x05 “Shrinking and Growing”Web Therapy-1x06 “We’ve Got a Secret”Web Therapy-1x07 “Exposed!

Please Leave a Message After the Theme”Conan-2013x129 “Of Mine and Men and Their Offspring, Mice-Men”Conan-2013x130 “The Asian Guy Who Appreciated the ‘Good at Math’ Stereotype”Conan-2013x131 “The Westboro Baptist Church’s Surprisingly Moving Stage Version of Brokeback Mountain”Conan-2013x132 “Microwaving Fish at Work is a War Crime”Copper-1x01 “Surviving Death”Copper-1x02 “Husbands and Fathers”Copper-1x03 “In the Hands of an Angry God”Copper-1x04 “The Empty Locket”Copper-1x05 “La Tempête”Copper-1x06 “Arsenic and Old Cake”Copper-1x07 “The Hudson River School”Copper-1x08 “Better Times Are Coming”Cougar Town-4x08 “You and I Will Meet Again”Cougar Town-4x09 “Make It Better”Cougar Town-4x10 “You Tell Me”Cougar Town-4x11 “Saving Grace”Cougar Town-4x12 “This Old Town”Cougar Town-4x13 “The Criminal Kind”Cougar Town-4x14 “Don’t Fade on Me”Cougar Town-4x15 “Have Love Will Travel”Counting Cars-2x05 “Dream On”Counting Cars-2x06 “Rockabilly Roadster”Counting Cars-2x07 “Old School”Counting Cars-2x08 “To Die For”Counting Cars-2x09 “Muscle Memory”Counting Cars-2x10 “Count’s Cryptonite”Counting Cars-2x11 “Chumlee’s Challenge”Counting Cars-2x12 “Not So Pretty in Pink”Counting Cars-2x13 “Day of Judgement”Counting Cars-2x14 “Psychedelic Cycle”Counting Cars-2x15 “Change of Heart”Counting Cars-2x16 “Super Nova”Counting Cars-2x19 “Floodpocalypse Now”Counting Cars-2x20 “The Horn Ultimatum”Counting Cars-2x21 “Haunted Hog”Counting Cars-2x22 “Zombie Truck”Counting Cars-2x23 “Tour de Pants”Counting Cars-2x24 “Special Delivery”Counting Cars-2x25 “Van Haulin”Counting Cars-2x26 “The Car Hoarder”The Crazy Ones-1x01 “Pilot”The Crazy Ones-1x02 “The Spectacular”The Crazy Ones-1x03 “Bad Dad”The Crazy Ones-1x04 “The Breakfast Burrito Club”The Crazy Ones-1x05 “She’s so European”The Crazy Ones-1x06 “Hugging Me Now”The Crazy Ones-1x07 “Sydney, Australia”The Crazy Ones-1x08 “The Stan Wood Account”The Crazy Ones-1x09 “Sixteenth-Inch Softball”The Crazy Ones-1x10 “Models Love Magic”The Daily Show-18x156 “Richard Dawkins”The Daily Show-18x157 “Atoms for Peace”The Daily Show-18x158 “Robin Williams”The Daily Show-19x01 “Bill O’ Reilly”The Daily Show-19x02 “David Mitchell”The Daily Show-19x03 “Sandra Bullock”The Daily Show-19x04 “Kerry Washington”Dancing With The Stars-6x10Dancing With The Stars-6x12Dancing With The Stars-6x14Dancing With The Stars-6x16Dancing With The Stars-6x18Dancing With The Stars-6x19Dancing With The Stars-17x01Dancing With The Stars-17x02 Dancing With The Stars-17x03Dancing With The Stars-17x04Dancing With The Stars-17x05Dancing With The Stars-17x06Dancing With The Stars-17x07Dancing With The Stars-17x08Dancing With The Stars-17x09Dancing With The Stars-17x10Defiance-1x01 “Pilot”Defiance-1x02 “Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go”Defiance-1x03 “The Devil in the Dark”Defiance-1x04 “A Well-Respected Man”Defiance-1x05 “A Serpent’s Egg”Defiance-1x06 “Brothers in Arms”Defiance-1x07 “Goodbye Blue Sky”Defiance-1x08 “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times”Defiance-1x09 “If I Ever Leave This World Alive”Defiance-1x10 “The Bride Wore Black”Doctor Who-1x01 “Rose”Doctor Who-1x02 “The End of the World”Doctor Who-1x03 “The Unquiet Dead”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x12 “The Leak…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x13 “Monday June…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x14 “Teddy Trouble…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x15 “The D…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x16 “The Seven Year Bitch…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x17 “Using People…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x18 “Ocupado…”Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23-2x19 “Original Bitch…”Drunk History-1x01 “Washington DC”Drunk History-1x02 “Chicago”Drunk History-1x03 “Atlanta”Drunk History-1x04 “Boston”Drunk History-1x05 “San Francisco”Drunk History-1x06 “Detroit”Drunk History-1x07 “Nashville”Drunk History-1x08 “The Wild West”Elementary-1x20 “Dead Man’s Switch”Elementary-1x21 “A Landmark Story”Elementary-1x22 “Risk Management”Elementary-1x23 “The Woman/Heroine”Elementary-2x01 “Step Nine”Elementary-2x02 “Solve for X”Elementary-2x03 “We Are Everyone”Elementary-2x04 “Poison Pen”Elementary-2x05 “Ancient History”Elementary-2x06 “An Unnatural Arrangement”Elementary-2x07 “The Marchioness”Elementary-2x08 “Blood is Thicker”Elementary-2x09 “On the Line”Elementary-2x10 “Tremors”Elementary-2x11 “Internal Audit”Enlightened-2x08 “Agent of Change”The Fall-1x01 “Dark Decent”Food Network Star-9x01 “Are You Ready For Prime-Time?

Valentine’s Day Massacre”The Chicago Code-1x10 “Bathhouse & Hinky Dink”The Chicago Code-1x11 “Black Sox”The Chicago Code-1x12 “Greylord & Gambat”The Chicago Code-1x13 “Mike Royko’s Revenge”Chicago Fire-1x01 “Pilot”Chicago Fire-1x02 “Mon Amour”Chicago Fire-1x03 “Professional Courtesy”Chicago Fire-1x04 “One Minute”Chicago Fire-1x05 “Hanging On”Chicago Fire-1x06 “Rear View Mirror”Chicago Fire-1x07 “Two Families”Chicago Fire-1x08 “Leaving the Station”Chicago FIre-1x09 “It Ain’t Easy”Chicago Fire-1x10 “Merry Christmas, Ect.”Chicago Fire-1x11 “God Has Spoken”Chicago Fire-1x12 “Under the Knife”Chicago Fire-1x13 “Warm and Dead”Chicago Fire-1x14 “A Little Taste”Chicago Fire-1x15 “Nazdraovya”Chicago Fire-1x16 “Viral”Chicago Fire-1x17 “Better to Lie”Chicago Fire-1x18 “Fireworks” Chicago Fire-1x19 “A Coffin That Small”Chicago Fire-1x20 “Ambition”Chicago Fire-1x21 “Retaliation Hit”Chicago Fire-1x22 “Leaders Lead”Chicago Fire-1x23 “Let Her Go”Chicago Fire-1x24 “A Hell of a Ride”Chicago Fire-2x01 “A Problem House”Chicago Fire-2x02 “Prove It”Chicago Fire-2x03 “Defcon 1”Chicago Fire-2x04 “A Nuisance Call”Chicago Fire-2x05 “A Power Move”Chuck-1x01 “Chuck Versus the Intersect”Chuck-1x02 “Chuck Versus the Helicopter”Chuck-1x03 “Chuck Versus the Tango”Chuck-1x04 “Chuck Versus the Wookie”Chuck-1x05 “Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp”Chuck-1x06 “Chuck Versus the Sandworm”Chuck-1x07 “Chuck Versus the Alma Mater”Chuck-1x08 “Chuck Versus the Truth”Chuck-1x09 “Chuck Versus the Hard Imported Salami”Chuck-1x10 “Chuck Versus the Nemesis”Chuck-1x11 “Chuck Versus the Crown Vic”Chuck-1x12 “Chuck Versus the Undercover Lover”Chuck-1x13 “Chuck Versus the Marlin”Chuck-2x01 “Chuck Versus the First Date”Chuck-2x02 “Chuck Versus the Seduction”Chuck-2x03 “Chuck Versus the Break-Up”Chuck-2x04 “Chuck Versus the Cougars”Chuck-2x05 “Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer”Chuck-2x06 “Chuck Versus the Ex”Chuck-2x07 “Chuck Versus the Fat Lady”Chuck-2x08 “Chuck Versus the Graviton”Chuck-2x09 “Chuck Versus the Sensei”Chuck-2x10 “Chuck Versus the De Lorean”Chuck-2x11 “Chuck Versus Santa Claus”Chuck-2x12 “Chuck Versus the Third Dimension”Chuck-2x13 “Chuck Versus the Suburbs”Chuck-2x14 “Chuck Versus the Best Friend”Chuck-2x15 “Chuck Versus the Beefcake”Chuck-2x16 “Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon”Chuck-2x17 “Chuck Versus the Predator”Chuck-2x18 “Chuck Versus the Broken Heart”Chuck-2x19 “Chuck Versus the Dream Job”Chuck-2x20 “Chuck Versus the First Kill”Chuck-2x21 “Chuck Versus the Colonial”Chuck-2x22 “Chuck Versus the Ring”Chuck-3x01 “Chuck Versus the Pink Slip”Chuck-3x02 “Chuck Versus the Three Words”Chuck-3x03 “Chuck Versus the Angel de la Meurte”Chuck-3x04 “Chuck Versus Operation Awesome”Chuck-3x05 “Chuck Versus Operation First Class”Chuck-3x06 “Chuck Versus the Nacho Sampler”Chuck-3x07 “Chuck Versus the Mask”Chuck-3x08 “Chuck Versus the Fake Name”Chuck-3x09 “Chuck Versus the Beard”Chuck-3x10 “Chuck Versus the Other Guy”Chuck-3x11 “Chuck Versus the Final Exam”Chuck-3x12 “Chuck Versus the American Hero”Chuck-3x13 “Chuck Versus the Other Guy”Chuck-3x14 “Chuck Versus the Honeymooners”Chuck-3x15 “Chuck Versus the Role Models”Chuck-3x16 “Chuck Versus the Tooth”The Closer-1x01 ”Pilot”The Closer-1x02 “About Face”The Closer-1x03 “The Big Picture”The Closer-1x04 “Show Yourself”The Closer-1x05 Flashpoint”The Closer-1x06 “Fantasy Date”The Closer-1x07 “You Are Here”The Closer-1x08 “Batter Up”The Closer-1x09 “Good Housekeeping”The Closer-1x10 “The Butler Did It”The Closer-1x11 “LA Women”The Closer-1x12 “Fatal Retraction”The Closer-1x13 “Standards and Practices”The Closer-2x01 “Blue Blood”The Closer-2x02 “Mom Duty”The Closer-2x03 “Slippin’”The Closer-2x04 “Aftertaste”The Closer-2x05 “To Protect & Serve”The Closer-2x06 “Out of Focus”The Closer-2x07 “Head Over Heals”The Closer-2x08 “Critical Missing”The Closer-2x09 “Heroic Measures”The Closer-2x10 “The Other Women”The Closer-2x11 “Borderline”The Closer-2x12 “No Good Deed”The Closer-2x13 “Overkill”The Closer-2x14 “Serving the King”The Closer-3x01 “Homewrecker”The Closer-3x02 “Grave Doubts”The Closer-3x03 “Saving Face”The Closer-3x04 “Ruby”The Closer-3x05 “The Round File”The Closer-3x06 “Dumb Luck”The Closer-3x07 “Four to Eight”The Closer-3x08 “Manhunt”The Closer-3x09 “Blindsided”The Closer-3x10 “Culture Shock”The Closer-3x11 “Lover’s Leap”The Closer-3x12 “Til Death Do Us Part One”The Closer-3x13 “Til Death Do Us Part Two”The Closer-3x14 “Next of Kin (1)”The Closer-3x15 “Next of Kin (2)”The Closer-4x01 “Controlled Burn”The Closer-4x02 “Speed Bump”The Closer-4x03 “Cherry Bomb”The Closer-4x04 “Live Wire”The Closer-4x05 “Dial M for Provenza”The Closer-4x06 “Problem Child”The Closer-4x07 “Sudden Death”The Closer-4x08 “Split Ends”The Closer-4x09 “Tijuana Brass”The Closer-4x10 “Time Bomb”The Closer-4x11 “Good Faith”The Closer-4x12 “Junk in the Trunk”The Closer-4x13 “Power of Attorney”The Closer-4x14 “Fate Line”The Closer-4x15 “Double Blind”The Closer-5x01 “Products of Discovery”The Closer-5x02 “Blood Money”The Closer-5x03 “Red Tape”The Closer-5x04 “Walking Back the Cat”The Closer-5x05 “Half Load”The Closer-5x06 “Tapped Out”The Closer-5x07 “Strike Three”The Closer-5x08 “Elysian Fields”The Closer-5x09 “Identity Theft”The Closer-5x10 “Smells Like Murder”The Closer-5x11 “Maternal Instincts”The Closer-5x12 “Wavers of Extradition”The Closer-5x13 “The Life”The Closer-5x14 “Make Over”The Closer-5x15 “Dead Man’s Hand”The Closer-6x01 “The Big Bang”The Closer-6x02 “Help Wanted”The Closer-6x03 “In Custody”The Closer-6x04 “Layover”The Closer-6x05 “Heart Attack”The Closer-6x06 “Off the Hook”The Closer-6x07 “Jump the Gun”The Closer-6x08 “War Zone”The Closer-6x09 “Last Women Standing”The Closer-6x10 “Executive Order”The Closer-6x11 “Old Money”The Closer-6x12 “High Crimes”The Closer-6x13 “Living Proof (1)”The Closer-6x14 “Living Proof (2)”The Closer-6x15 “An Ugly Game”The Closer-7x01 “Unknown Trouble”The Closer-7x02 “Repeat Offender”The Closer-7x03 “To Serve With Love”The Closer-7x04 “Under Control”The Closer-7x05 “Forgive Us Our Trespasses”The Closer-7x06 “Home Improvement”The Closer-7x07 “A Family Affair”The Closer-7x08 “Death Warrant”The Closer-7x09 “Star Turn”The Closer-7x10 “Fresh Pursuit”The Closer-7x11 “Necessary Evils”The Closer-7x12 “You Have the Right to Be Jolly”The Closer-7x13 “Relative Matters”The Closer-7x14 “Road Block”The Closer-7x15 “Silent Partner”The Closer-7x16 ”Hostile Witness”The Closer-7x17 “Fools Gold”The Closer-7x18 “Drug Fiend”The Closer-7x19 “Last Rites”The Closer-7x20 “Armed Response”The Closer-7x21 “The Last Word”The Colbert Report-9x153 “Metalica”The Colbert Report-9x154 “Joseph Gordon-Levitt”The Colbert Report-9x155 “Chris Fisher”The Colbert Report-10x01 “Vince Gilligan”The Colbert Report-10x02 “Daniel Radcliff”The Colbert Report-10x03 “Chris Mathews”Community-4x01 “History 101”Conan-2013x119 “The Black Guy Who Had Almost Every Springsteen Album”Conan-2013x120 “Word is a Four-Letter Word”Conan-2013x121 “The Microphone That Suddenly Went Off in the Middle Of”Conan-2013x122 “Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Home”Conan-2013x123 “Font Wars: Helvetica vs Calibri Part 3”Conan-2013x126 “The Dog Who Had The Opportunity to Lick Itself, But Politely Declined”Conan-2013x127 “Throwing Shad Since 1993”Conan-2013x128 “Is Not In Right Now.

He is most famous for his role in MTV's reality series, The Real World Paris.

Victim Advocates are primary mental health professionals who are trained in trauma and crisis intervention to provide comprehensive supportive services to aid in recovery from experiences, including, (but not limited to): assault, battery, relationship abuse (physical, verbal or emotional), sexual and/or attempted sexual battery (acquaintance rape, date rape, stranger rape, molestation), stalking (repeated following or harassment), hate and/or property crimes.

”Suburgatory-2x21 “Apocalypse Meow”Suburgatory-2x22 “Stray Dogs”Suits-3x01 “The Arrangement”Suits-3x02 “I Want You to Want Me”Suits-3x03 “Unfinished Business”Super Clyde-1x01 “Pilot”Trophy Wife-1x01 “Pilot”Trophy Wife-1x02 “Cold File”Trophy WIfe-1x03 “The Social Network”Trophy Wife-1x04 “The Breakup”Trophy Wife-1x05 “The Tryst”Trophy Wife-1x06 “Halloween”Trophy Wife-1x07 “The Date”Trophy Wife-1x08 “Lice and Beary White”Trophy Wife-1x09 “Russ Bradley Morrison”Trophy Wife-1x10 “Twas the Night Before Christmas…Or Twas It?

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”Hart of Dixie-2x19 “The Kiss”Hart of Dixie-2x20 “If Tomorrow Never Comes”Hart of Dixie-2x21 “I’m Moving On”Hart of Dixie-2x22 “On the Road Again”Hello Ladies-1x01 “Pilot”Hello Ladies-1x02 “The Limo”Hello Ladies-1x03 “The Date”Hello Ladies-1x04 “The Dinner”Hello Ladies-1x05 “Pool Party”Hello Ladies-1x06 “Long Beach”Hello Ladies-1x07 “The Wedding”Hollywood Game Night-1x01 “The One With the Friends”Hollywood Game Night-1x02 “Don’t Kill My Buzz-er Hollywood Game Night-1x03 “Saturday Night Reunion”Hollywood Game Night-1x04 “Purr-ty People”Hollywood Game Night-1x05 “America’s Got Game Night”Hollywood Game Night-1x06 “That Celebrity Game Show”Hollywood Game Night-1x07 “The Office Party”Hollywood Game Night-1x08 “Portrait of a Killer Cereal”House of Lies-2x08 “Wonders of the World”House of Lies-2x09 “Liability”House of Lies-2x10 “Exit Strategy”House of Lies-2x11 “Hostile Takeover”House of Lies-2x12 “Til Death Do Us Part”How To Live With Your Parents-1x01 ”Pilot”How To Live With Your Parents-1x02 “How to Get Off the Couch”How To Live With Your Parents-1x03 “How to Live With the Academy Awards Party”How To Live With Your Parents-1x04 “How to Not Screw Up Your Kid”How To Live With Your Parents-1x05 “How to Run the Show”How To Live With Your Parents-1x06 “How to Fix Up Your Ex”How To Live With Your Parents-1x07 “How to Stand On Your Own Two Feet”How To Live With Your Parents-1x08 “How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of Your Life”How To Live With Your Parents-1x09 “How to Get Involved”How To Live With Your Parents-1x10 “How to Have a Play Date”How To Live With Your Parents-1x11 “How to Not Waste Money”How To Live With Your Parents-1x12 “How to Help the Needy”How To Live With Your Parents-1x13 “How to Be Gifted”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x01 “The Gang Broke Dee”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x02 “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x03 “The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x04 “Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x05 “Mac Day”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x06 “The Gang Saves the Day”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x07 “The Gang Gets Quarantined”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x08 “Flowers for Charlie”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x09 “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6”It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia-9x10 “The Gang Squashes Their Beefs”Ironside-1x01 “Pilot”Ironside-1x02 “Sleeping Dogs”Ironside-1x03 “Action”Ironside-1x04 “Uptown Murders”Ja’mie Private School Girl-1x01Ja’mie Private School Girl-1x02Ja’mie Private School Girl-1x03Ja’mie Private School Girl-1x04Ja’mie Private School Girl-1x05Ja’mie Private School Girl-1x06Justified-2x04 “For Blood or Money”Justified-2x05 “Cottonmouth”Justified-2x06 “Blaze of Glory”Justified-2x07 “Save My Love”Justified-2x08 “The Spoil”Justified-2x09 “Brother’s Keeper”Justified-2x10 “Debts and Accounts”Justified-2x11 “Full Commitment”Justified-2x12 “Reckoning”Justified-2x13 “Bloody Harlan”Justified-3x01 “The Gunfighter”Justified-3x02 “Cut Ties’Justified-3x03 “Harlan Roulette”Justified-3x04 “The Devil You Know”Justified-3x05 “Thick as Mud”Justified-3x06 “When the Guns Come Out”King & Maxwell-1x01 ”Pilot”King & Maxwell-1x02 “Second Chances”King & Maxwell-1x03 “Wild Card”King & Maxwell-1x04 “King’s Ransom”King & Maxwell-1x05 “Loved Ones”King & Maxwell-1x06 “Stealing Secrets”King & Maxwell-1x07 “Family Business”King & Maxwell-1x08 “Job Security”King & Maxwell-1x09 “Locked In”King & Maxwell-1x10 “Pandora’s Box”Kitchen Nightmares US-6x16 “Amy’s Baking Company”Law and Order SVU-14x20 “Girl Dishonored”Law and Order SVU-14x21 “Traumatic Wound”Law and Order SVU-14x22 “Poisoned Motive”Law and Order SVU-14x23 “Brief Interlude”Law and Order SVU-14x24 “Her Negotiation”Law and Order SVU-15x01/15x02 “Surrender Benson”/”Imprisoned LIves”Law and Order SVU-15x03 “American Tragedy”Law and Order SVU-15x04 “Internal Affairs”Law and Order SVU-15x05 “Wonderland Story”Law and Order SVU-15x06 “October Surprise”Law and Order SVU-15x07 “Dissonant Voices”Law and Order SVU-15x08 “Military Justice”Law and Order SVU-15x09 “Rapist Anonymous”The League-1x01 “The Draft”The League-1x02 “The Bounce Test”The League-1x03 “Sunday at Ruxin’s”The League-1x04 “Mr. Click on the pictures to go to the source websites, there you will get a bigger image or live video.Webcam Chat will allow you to get the attention of other Adult Friend Finder members.The environment may heat them up and weaken them so they’re more likely to break and you’re more likely to break on through to the other side.

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Chris "CT" Tamburello was born in Brooklyn, NY but grew up in the Boston suburbs.

D.-1x07 “The Hub”Masters of Sex-1x01 “Pilot”Masters of Sex-1x02 “Race to Space”Masters of Sex-1x03 “Standard Deviation”Masters of Sex-1x04 “Thank You For Coming”Masters of Sex-1x05 “Catherine”Masters of Sex-1x06 “Brave New World”Masters of Sex-1x07 “All Together Now”Masters of Sex-1x08 “Love and Marrage”Masters of Sex-1x09 “Involuntary”Masters of Sex-1x10 “Fallout”Masters of Sex-1x11 “Phallic Victories”The Mentalist-1x10 “Red Brick and Ivy”The Mentalist-1x11 “Red John’s Friends”The Mentalist-1x12 “Red Rum”The Mentalist-1x13 “Paint it Red”The Mentalist-1x14 “Crimson Casanova”The Mentalist-1x15 “Scarlett Fever”The Mentalist-1x16 “Bloodshot”The Mentalist-1x17 “Carnelian, Inc.”The Mentalist-1x18 “Russet Potatoes”The Mentalist-1x19 “A Dozen Red Roses”The Mentalist-1x20 “Red Sauce”The Mentalist-1x21 “Miss Red”The Mentalist-1x22 “Blood Brothers”The Mentalist-1x23 “Red John’s Footsteps”The Mentalist-2x01 “Redemption”The Mentalist-2x02 “The Scarlet Letter”The Mentalist-2x03 “Red Badge”The Mentalist-2x04 “Red Menace”The Mentalist-2x05 “Red Scare”The Mentalist-2x06 “Black Gold and Red Blood”The Mentalist-2x07 “Red Bulls”The Mentalist-2x08 “His Red Right Hand”The Mentalist-2x09 “A Price Above Rubies”The Mentalist-2x10 “Throwing Fire”The Mentalist-2x11 “Rose-Colored Glasses”The Mentalist-2x12 “Bleeding Heart”The Mentalist-2x13 “Redline”The Mentalist-2x14 “Blood In, Blood Out”The Mentalist-2x15 “Red Herring”The Mentalist-2x16 “Code Red”The Mentalist-2x17 “The Red Box”The Mentalist-2x18 “Aingavite Baa”The Mentalist-2x19 “Blood Money”The Mentalist-2x20 “Red All Over”The Mentalist-2x21 “18 5-4”The Mentalist-2x22 “Red Letter”The Mentalist-2x23 “Red Sky in the Morning”The Mentalist-3x01 “Red Sky at Night”The Mentalist-3x02 “Cackle-Bladder Blood”The Mentalist-3x03 “The Blood on His Hands”The Mentalist-3x04 “Red Carpet Treatment”The Mentalist-3x05 “The Red Ponies”The Mentalist-3x06 “Pink Chanel Suit”The Mentalist-3x07 “Red Hot”The Mentalist-3x08 “Ball of Fire”The Mentalist-3x09 “Red Moon”The Mentalist-3x10 “Jolly Red Elf”The Mentalist-3x11 “Bloodsport”The Mentalist-3x12 “Bloodhounds”The Mentalist-3x13 “Red Alert”The Mentalist-3x14 “Blood for Blood”The Mentalist-3x15 “Red Gold”The Mentalist-3x16 “Red Queen”The Mentalist-3x17 “Bloodstream”The Mentalist-3x18 “The Red Mile” The Mentalist-3x19 “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” The Mentalist-3x20 “Redacted”The Mentalist-3x21 “Like a Redheaded Stepchild”The Mentalist-3x22 “Rhapsody in Red”The Mentalist-3x23 “Strawberries and Cream (Part 1)”The Mentalist-3x24 “Strawberries and Cream (Part 2)”The Mentalist-4x01 “Scarlet Ribbons”The Mentalist-4x02 “Little Red Book”The Mentalist-4x03 “Pretty Red Balloon”The Mentalist-4x04 “Ring Around the Rosie”The Mentalist-4x05 “Blood and Sand”The Mentalist-4x06 “Where in the World is Carmine O’Brein”The Mentalist-4x07 “Blinking Red Light”The Mentalist-4x08 “Pink Tops”The Mentalist-4x09 “The Redshirt”The Mentalist-4x10 “Fugue In Red”The Mentalist-4x11 “Always Bet On Red”The Mentalist-4x12 “My Bloody Valentine”The Mentalist-4x13 “Red is the New Black”The Mentalist-4x14 “At First Blush”The Mentalist-4x15 War of the Roses”The Mentalist-4x16 “His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts”The Mentalist-4x17 “Cheap Burgundy”The Mentalist-4x18 “Ruddy Cheeks”The Mentalist-4x19 “Pink Champagne on Ice”The Mentalist-4x20 “Something is Rotten in Redmund”The Mentalist-4x21 “Ruby Slippers”The Mentalist-4x22 “So Long, and Thanks for All the Red Snapper”The Mentalist-4x23 “Red Rover, Red Rover”The Mentalist-4x24 “The Crimson Hat”The Mentalist-5x01 “The Crimson Ticket”The Mentalist-5x02 “Devil’s Cherry”The Mentalist-5x03 “Not One Red Cent”The Mentalist-5x04 “Blood Feud”The Mentalist-5x05 “Red Dawn”The Mentalist-5x06 “Cherry Picked”The Mentalist-5x07 “If It Bleeds, It Leads” The Mentalist-5x08 “Red Sails in the Sunset”The Mentalist-5x09 “Black Cherry”The Mentalist-5x10 “Panama Red”The Mentalist-5x11 “Days of Wine & Roses”The Mentalist-5x12 “Little Red Corvette”The Mentalist-5x13 “The Red Barn”The Mentalist-5x14 “Red in Tooth and Claw”The Mentalist-5x15 “Red Lacquer Nail Polish”The Mentalist-5x16 “There Will Be Blood”The Mentalist-5x17 “Red, White and Blue”The Mentalist-5x18 “Behind the Red Curtain”The Mentalist-5x19 “Red Letter Day”The Mentalist-5x20 “Red Velvet Cupcakes”The Mentalist-5x21 “Red and Itchy”The Mentalist-5x22 “Red John’s Rules”The Mentalist-6x01 “The Desert Rose”The Mentalist-6x02 “The Black-Winged Red Bird”The Mentalist-6x03 “Wedding in Red”“The Mentalist-6x04 “Red Listed”The Mentalist-6x05 “The Red Tattoo”The Mentalist-6x06 “Fire and Brimstone”The Mentalist-6x07 “The Great Red Dragon”The Mentalist-6x08 ” Red John”The Mentalist-6x09 “My Blue Heaven”The Mentalist-6x10 “Green Thumb”The Michael J Fox Show-1x01 “Pilot”The Michael J Fox Show-1x02 “Neighbor”The Michael J Fox Show-1x03 “Art”The Michael J Fox Show-1x04 “Hobbies”The Michael J Fox Show-1x05 “Interns”The Michael J Fox Show-1x06 “Teammates”The Michael J Fox Show-1x07 “Golf”The Michael J Fox Show-1x08 “Bed Bugs”The Michael J Fox Show-1x09 “Homecoming”The Michael J Fox Show-1x10 “Thanksgiving”Million Dollar Listing LA-1x01Million Dollar Listing LA-1x02Million Dollar Listing LA-1x03Million Dollar Listing LA-6x01 “Unfinished Business”The Mindy Project-1x21 “Sante Fe”The Mindy Project-1x22 “Triathlon”The Mindy Project-1x23 “Frat Party”The Mindy Project-1x24 “Take Me With You”The Mindy Project-2x01 “All My Problems Solved Forever…”The Mindy Project-2x02 “The Other Dr.

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