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It was then that Ceril decided to investigate the case and take action.In the video, Mantaras is seen standing over the child and abusing him while he's sitting in his high chair.Not to mention that there are many stories of nannies abusing children, so the situation becomes even harder to deal with.Unfortunately, the next story we are going to discuss falls into that category.This is true for both types of cameras (for taking photos, as well filming videos).However, in recent years, cameras have become much more accessible to the public than they used to be.

Cameras made for recording videos are also great for a number of other things.Some parents can immediately pick up on whether or not a man or woman will be fit for babysitting their children - it's a basic instinct for parents to be very protective of their children.But in other cases, individuals can be known to be very good at hiding their abusive behavior from others.In large, this is helpful for many areas of life, ranging anywhere from work to our personal lives.

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This is because photographs and video recordings are great ways for us to remember important things such as holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other big events that might become faded in our memories over time.

The mother, Cristina Ceril, of the child in this story became suspicious of what was going on between her child and the nanny, Vicious Eve Mantaras, when she found bruises on her son’s body.

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