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03-Jun-2016 15:13

While you cannot always prevent unfortunate events or accidents, there are simple ways to ensure that your children stay safer while in the care of another adult.Honeywell’s Wi Fi indoor cameras pair with the Honeywell Total Connect App on your smart phone or tablet to access live streaming, recorded events, and alerts for when something is seen or analyzed in your home.Collecting this information helps you start a conversation with your nanny about what you’d like to see happen with your kid’s care.You can also expect the elimination of any self reporting bias they might have (if that kind of thing freaks you out).Many households with small children or elderly parents rely on the nanny cam to monitor and record activities in the absence of the parent or a responsible adult.Over the past few years, nanny cams have helped detect dangerous behavior or unhealthy practices that could prove detrimental to the health and wellbeing of a child or an adult requiring care.The catch is that you cannot record in rooms that would otherwise be private. Here are some ways to make this less awkward: In the end, whatever you do with those home cameras, don’t be weird about it.

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Consider installing a wireless nanny cam with Alarm New England to take control of your family’s safety today.

Which brings us to Jen Nessel and Lizzy Ratner’s Goodnight Nanny-Cam: A Parody for Modern Parents.

If the title sounds familiar, that’s because it’s hitting your demographic– it originated as a 2012 “Shouts & Murmurs” column in The New Yorker. Then you’ll realize that you have half these products in your own well-thought-out nursery.

Here’s how it breaks down: You can legally record anyone in your house without their consent using a video device. A handful of states have laws on the books that make capturing sound illegal.

If you’re trying to figure out if your nanny is dressing your baby in strange vegetable costumes to make social hay on Snapchat, you’ll want to set these cameras up in obvious places like the playroom and the living room. So basically figure out your state’s laws, get really good at reading lips, or just tell your nanny you’re recording sound of them doing whatever they do when she watch your kid. Recording someone without their knowledge or consent is just kind of icky. You can let your nanny know they may be recorded without actually telling them when or how.

But while the general use of nanny cams under reasonable circumstances may be legal, there are certain restrictions regarding its use to record sound.

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