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Jeff Blehar had no idea he was about to become a conduit for a virulent political awakening.It was July 2015, and the conservative writer and outspoken critic of freshly minted presidential candidate Donald Trump was being pummeled on Twitter with a profane-sounding political dis: “cuckservative.” The term, which had recently begun appearing on fringe internet forums, was meant to denigrate mainstream Republicans as impotent traitors, in part by evoking a genre of porn that features white men watching their wives have sex with black men.

“You’re right, and I’m deleting my account out of shame.” Conservative pundit and Trump critic Erick Erickson soon weighed in, tweeting that he had read about cuckservatism in the white nationalist The attacks may have seemed like just a fleeting, perverse twist on RINO (“Republican in name only”), but in fact they were something far more ominous—the stirrings of a loosely knit extremist movement soon more widely known as the “alt-right.” Thanks to Trump’s demagogic campaign—throughout which he would circulate bigoted memes to his millions of Twitter followers—the alt-right now had an opportunity to inject racism, misogyny, and xenophobia into mainstream American politics.The games are announced to be "playable in either order", with saves continuing "from chapter to chapter, then from game to game".Act 1 introduces Joey Claire and Jude Harley, the children of Jake Harley and A. When their home, Half-Harley Manor, is assailed by mysterious monsters, Joey is driven into the attic, where she accidentally activates a portal and is transported to Alternia, switching places with an alien troll, Dammek.The original project timeline, as outlined in the Kickstarter, would have seen game development begin following the planned conclusion of Homestuck in 2013, with the game releasing sometime in 2014.

However, as pre-production work began and it became clear that the project would require Hussie's immediate full attention, he put Homestuck on hiatus so he could focus on writing and planning for the game.The Hiveswap website launched on February 15, 2015, advertising an Act 1 release in spring 2015 (later revised to mid-2015).