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So the ‘age of consent’ is the age at which, legally, you’re deemed able to make the decision to say ‘yes’ to sex and to engage in sexual activity.

We aren't actually dating yet, but I think we might. We have both had some emotional problems and we are helping each other through it. Xx Xx i don't think that age gap is much of an issue. I know a girl who's 16 and her boyfriend is 19 and eveyone's fine with it. If you're 15, it's only okay with most people if it's three years at the most, but if you're 16 it can be four and so on.I would need further information to answer but it is a crime if sexual relations are had with a female under age 17. If he was forty and you were ten it would be legal (but that is horrible Im not condoning that! If you two do have sex he will be done for statory rape and im sure you dont want that for boyfriend so just dont be tempted and you two will be fine :) It is not illegal to date. Here, if one of the people is 18 or older and the other is at least 4 years younger, it is illegal to have sex.As long as there is no sexual contact between the individuals, there is nothing illegal about an 18 year old simply dating a 15 year old.

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However, any sort of sexual contact between an 18 year old and a 15 year old in Minnesota could result in criminal charges.15 is under the age of consent, which, in Michigan is 16.

I think my biggest concern about such a young girl being involved with a guy that much older is that he might interfere with her growing up into her own person.